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Crown Leadership International Group is a consortium of outstanding trainers and program developers who will train and equip our participants with skills to identify solutions both in personal & corporate development. Crown Leadership International specializes in world-class conference content production for any target markets.

Crown Leadership International delivers cutting-edge training events to the corporate world by forming strategic partnerships with leading consultants and trainers.Our group specialise in both youth and corporate training programmes and we aspire to enhance the learning process of our clients and help them to use what they learn in our carefully tailored programs in their business or daily lives, resulting in greater sense of achievement in their careers.

As a training development firm, we are committed to bringing out the best in our clients. Whether it’s in the conference, masterclass or in-house setting, we provide participants with the strategic tools they need. These tools will help them to embrace their school or corporate lives as an astonishing opportunity to develop their talents, realize their fullest potential and make a difference to the world around them.

Constant wisdom and knowledge enhancement and striving for the best in everything you do
essential ingredients to CROWNING yourself a life of excellence.

Tan Ser Tiong

Chairman, CLIG

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