Agile Project Management Masterclass

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13th Feb 201815th Feb 201820th Feb 2018



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13th February 2018, Sydney

15th February 2018, Melbourne

20th February 2018, Brisbane

In this one-day masterclass we introduce the project management aspects of Agile. First we’re looking at the underlying values and principles, before we move on the concrete frameworks, like Scrum, Kanban and scaled frameworks. After covering the theoretical basics, we will have a few practical exercise (setting up a personal Kanban, writing sample user stories) to get a better understanding how Agile frameworks work in real life. In the second half of the masterclass we will examine, how project prioritisation, kick-offs, planning, tracking, forecasting and reporting work in agile projects. These topics will be covered by both theoretical presentation and by practice exercises (e.g. relative estimating). After completing this masterclass, you will not only understand the popular practices (e.g. stand-ups, retrospectives), you will also get a better view on the reasons why Agile projects succeed more often. This class will require your commitment and active participation during the day.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this you will have a better understanding of:

  • What Agile really is, where did it come from
  • Agile values and principles as laid out in the Agile manifesto
  • Understand the basic concepts of agile frameworks and practices
  • Understand how continuous improvement and learning is ensured in Agile projects
  • Understand how organisations use “scaling” to implement large programs with multiple teams
  • Gain an understanding of Kanban
  • Discuss different ways to plan, track, forecast and report on projects
  • Risk management in Agile projects


Who should attend?

• Project managers, who would like to get a better understanding what agile project management is
• Practitioners (e.g. analysts, engineers) who want to understand how agile practices and project management work together
• Anyone who want to have a better understanding on how to work as part of an agile team.