Behavioural Leadership for Project Managers Masterclass

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9th Sep 2020



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This program will introduce participants to the concept of Behavioural Leadership and help them to determine and develop the skills to be applied in their own workplace.  The content and methodology of the masterclass will provide participants with both the competence and the confidence to apply their leadership skills to their project management, ensuring commitment to agreed objectives and developing optimal results with their team members.

Several behavioural assessment tools will be shared with participants, encouraging self-awareness and professional development.  The program is designed to be highly informative, and the training methodology will ensure workplace relevance.

This One Day (8 hour) program will be delivered digitally, with continual attendee participation through the use of polls, question and answer sessions, and visual stimuli.  Each Module will be delivered and discussed for 45-55 minutes, and a 5-15 minute stretch and refresh break will be provided after each Module.  Attendance and participation will be recorded for each Module.


Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this masterclass, attendees will have an understanding of

  • The theory of Behavioural Leadership
  • The clear difference between Project Management and Project Leadership for planning projects and managing tasks
  • How to ensure engagement and good followership in your Project Team even with Remote Leadership
  • How to understand and optimise cultural difference in Project Team performance
  • Exploring individual leadership styles to develop flexibility
  • Identifying behavioural gaps and create self-development action plans
  • The BEST Behavioural Styles, their own strengths and challenges and those in their teams, for the BEST work and task assignment
  • The importance of clear productive and efficient Standards Values and Boundaries
  • Team Development Principles and Processes
  • Goals-based Time and Stress Management for multiple projects and healthy workflow.

Featuring Our Speakers

Catherine Palin-Brinkworth

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Progress Performance International


Catherine Palin-Brinkworth is an experienced business leader with a commitment to high level professional and personal development and peak performance. Catherine is known for her ability to connect with people, to discover and develop potential and to guide them to successful goal outcomes.

For the last three decades, Catherine has owned and managed a successful business development consultancy and people performance practice throughout Australia and the Asia Pacific. Throughout that time she has worked internationally as a keynote speaker and facilitator on leadership, business development. She has been retained by various organizations throughout Australia on a range of growth-focused activities and projects and has coached and mentored senior leaders in several fields.

Catherine has served on selected boards as a non-executive director, both commercially and in the not-for-profit sector. Catherine was Chairman of Horwath Brisbane chartered accounting practice, sought primarily for strategic business development and leadership mentoring. She was a leading faculty member of PricewaterhouseCoopers’ Young Leadership Team, and for several years presented Leadership programs for the Queensland Law Society. She has presented programs in 14 countries, and has trained or mentored many thousands of emerging leaders and business owners.

Catherine’s clients have included PricewaterhouseCoopers, St George Bank, Deloitte, Institute of Chartered Accountants, Australian Institute of Credit Management, Heritage Office of NSW, AMP Society, Century 21 Real Estate, Toyota Motor Corporation, Reserve Bank of Australia, RAMS Home Loans, First Data Resources, Resource Finance Corporation, IPAC Securities, National Management Education Centre, IMAX Theatres and many others. Catherine has a Master Degree in Applied Science (Social Ecology) and several other business and behavioural sciences qualifications.

Who should attend?

Project Managers and Project Team Leaders, middle and junior managers,, small business owners and entrepreneurs.  Any business or organisational leader with responsibility for ensuring project deadlines and outcomes are met.


Topics Covered

  • What is Behavioural Leadership?
  • Behavioural Exploration
  • The Key Success Areas of Effective Leadership
  • The Managerial/Leadership Grid
  • The BEST Behavioural Styles
  • Standards Values and Boundaries
  • Creating Excellent Teams
  • Goals-based Time and Stress management