Blockchain: Smart Contracts Masterclass

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15th May 201824th May 2018



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Positioning Your Enterprise to Take Full Advantage of the Coming Smart Contract Revolution

This workshop will provide practical guidance on Smart Contracts and the Blockchain, covering what Smart Contracts are, how they work, and why integrating them into your enterprise will place you at the forefront of your industry.

To begin we’ll investigate the basics of the Blockchain – the technology which makes smart contracts possible. We’ll then look at Ethereum, the first major smart contract platform, and delve into some emergent innovations which may afford even more possibilities.

Once we’ve laid the groundwork, we’ll shift to the practical side and discuss how smart contracts are already used in the world today, with case studies from both the tech sector and wider enterprise. We’ll highlight several tools which allow relatively rapid deployment of smart contract frameworks, and demonstrate their functionality in a live walk-through.

In the final portion, we’ll discuss how to position your enterprise to take full advantage of what the blockchain, and particularly smart contracts, will offer as the technology develops. This will be an interactive session, allowing participants to get some practical advice from the presenter as to how smart contracts may specifically benefit them, and where they should be focusing their efforts.

Learning Objectives

The fundamental principles of the blockchain including:

  • Blockchain buzzwords – nodes, public and private keys, encryption, hashes and digital signatures;
  • How to send a transaction on a blockchain;
  • How a transaction is stored on a blockchain; and
  • How a blockchain is secured.

The basics of Ethereum (the current dominant smart contract platform) including:

  • Accounts, state, gas and fees, transactions, blocks, execution, mining and proof of work;
  • The difference between external accounts and contract accounts; and
  • Managing transactions, contract creations and fees.


The technical elements of smart contracts:

  • Solving real world problems with code;
  • Determining what can be automated;
  • Big problems that smart contracts can assist with; and
  • The risks of smart contracts and the necessity of ensuring robust, secure code.
  • The benefits of new smart contract platforms;


How to begin implementing smart contracts in your enterprise;

  • ICOs and tokenized functionality;
  • Which projects are coming ‘online’ in the near future to further smart contract utility;
  • Tools that enable multi-level smart contract deployment; and
  • Smart Contracts that will improve your business now.


Potential liability for failure of smart contract code;

Security considerations when building and using smart contracts;

Where the technology is going and opportunities for smart contract innovation; and

How you can position yourself, and your enterprise, to take full advantage of this emergent technology.

Who should attend?


  • Banking & Financial Services
  • Insurance
  • Venture Capital
  • Exchanges and Clearinghouse
  • Remittance
  • Consulting & Advisory
  • IT Services
  • Security
  • Bitcoin Wallets, Exchanges
  • Payment Processing, Mining
  • Legal Advisory


In the Roles of: C-Level/GMs/VPs/Director/Head/Manager

  • Technology
  • Innovation
  • Operations
  • Digital Strategy
  • Product Development
  • Payment
  • Post-trade Processing/ Custodian Services
  • Remittance
  • Security
  • Regulation, Policy & Compliance
  • Business Development

Topics Covered

  • Blockchain Basics
  • The first blockchain – Bitcoin
  • Ethereum and the genesis of Blockchain Smart Contracts
  • EOS, NEO and emergent Smart Contract platforms
  • Using Smart Contracts
  • Liability and Risk
  • Security
  • Positioning your Enterprise to take full advantage of Smart Contracts