CFO Exchange Masterclass

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17th Oct 2019



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In today’s global marketplace, the roles of chief financial officers (CFOs) are evolving beyond traditional financial management. CFOs are rising rapidly in the corporate power structure, poised to stand as equals with their chief executive counterparts. CFOs and other financial leaders from government and business organizations are taking on more responsibility for ensuring that operating performance is measured and managed efficiently—and that the corporate-level financial information used to build plans, set targets, and manage performance risks is of the highest quality. This new area of responsibility is, of course, in addition to the traditional CFO role, managing financial performance. What does it take to step up? What are the unforeseen consequences? Are the experts right in predicting that the CFOs job is now so broad that CFOs will soon have and equal role played by the CEO? Realizing growth, implementing new strategies, adopting performance measurement and providing quality financials are just a few challenges currently facing the CFO. Financial rigor and strategic insight are needed as the CFO is called upon to identify and assess profitable business ventures, lead mergers & acquisitions, establish alliances and shape future growth strategies. CFO Exchange Masterclass is a unique event designed specifically for senior financial professionals across all major industry sectors. This premier CFO event will bring together key senior financial decision makers in a day of networking, spirited discussions and informative discourse and looks at the current issues facing those in the finance hot seat from a practical perspective and delivers solutions to these issues. A not to be missed event for anyone working as, for or hoping to be a Chief Financial Officer.

Learning Objectives

  • Discover Where To Find ROI In A Volatile Market
  • Stand Out As An Industry Leader During These Tough Economic Times
  • Avert Issues Escalating to Problems Through Prevention And Detection Methods
  • Digitisation of Business And The Impact Of Advancing Technology
  • Innovative Strategy Implementation And Planning
  • CFO Leadership And Strategy For Driving Business Success
  • Building Strong CFO Relationships With The Board, CEO And Stakeholders

Who should attend?

  • CFOs
  • CEOs
  • COOs
  • Finance Directors
  • Chief Risk Officers

Topics Covered

  • Fostering Integral Aspects of the CEO and CFO Relationship to Benefit Your Business
  • Remain Aware of the Key Compliance Issues CFO’s Can’t Afford to Ignore
  • Investigating the Future of the Australian Economy Particularly Growth Industries
  • Leveraging Technology to Improve your Performance and your Organisations Capability.
  • How Is The Role Of The CFO Changing?
  • So, what’s the latest and greatest in HCM, Financials and Planning
  • Effectively Manage Your Team Of Employees To Maximise Productivity, Efficiency And  Accuracy