Effective Legal & Business Writing Masterclass

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24th Jun 2020


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Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney AEST: 9am to 5pm

Adelaide (GMT+10:30): 8.30am to 4.30pm

Perth, Singapore, Malaysia (GMT+8): 7am to 3pm

New Zealand (GMT+12): 11am to 7pm


This Masterclass focuses on the preparation of well structured, clearly written and concise legal and business writing.

Effectively recording and communicating opinions or recommendations is an important tool for business executives and their support teams. Doing so can be challenging particularly if the subject matter is complex, where there are multiple stakeholders and where the content of any such writing is potentially controversial.

The class will consider:

  • Different ways of structuring writings including thematically and chronologically to maximise readability and logicality
  • Use of devices such as summaries to aid in effective writing
  • Effective use of paragraphs, dot points and numbering to assist in structuring writings
  • Drafting in neutral language to effectively writing potentially controversial views
  • Use of plain English, gender neutral forms and correct pronouns
  • Effectively recording or identifying limitations or caveats to any view expressed

Learning Objectives

At the end of the workshop participants should enhance their skills in:

  • Identifying and implementing a suitable structure for a chosen writing
  • Effective use of summaries and similar devices
  • Effective use of paragraphs, numbering and dot points to assist clarity of writing
  • Proper use of pronouns to effectively de-personalise potentially controversial opinions
  • Understanding how to implement “plain English” drafting
  • Effectively expressing limitations or caveats
  • Persuasive language techniques
  • Drafting techniques which appeal to a range of different audiences
  • Drafting techniques for different types of writings

Featuring Our Speakers

Alex McKellar



Alex McKellar has been in legal practice for 14 years in the field of construction, and a partner for 9 years. He is currently a partner  in the HFW Construction team. He advises principals, contractors and suppliers on project delivery risk, dispute avoidance and dispute resolution strategy in complex construction projects. For 10 years Alex has provided training in contract administration and the legal aspects of building projects.

Among the many industrial, commercial and residential projects Alex has worked on, some of the standouts have been the dispute over electrical installation in the Burnley Tunnel, construction of the previous NECA Education & Careers training facility, projects in mining for a range of resources, and a Tasmanian highway project.

The main lesson Alex has learned is the importance of good contract administration, more specifically the commercial importance to organisations in the building industry of good contract administration.

Alex has a civil engineering degree, which influenced his decision to work in construction law and gives him an understanding of the technical aspects of a project.

Alex looks forward to providing practical guidance to new members of the industry, particularly those who may not have had the unfortunate experience of projects gone wrong.


Kerry Loulianou



Kerry advises on construction law, specialising in large scale, complex infrastructure and engineering disputes. He has a focus on arbitrations and ADR, and also has experience including pre-dispute project advice, informal conciliation, mediation, adjudication, ADR and court litigation.

Kerry’s experience includes handling disputes arising from the scope and operation of the two largest coal-driven power stations in South Africa. He has also advised on the enforcement of Payment Certificates issued following the construction of South Africa’s largest wind-powered power station.

He has also represented contractors and principals in enforcing and defending proceedings arising out of the issuing of Call and Performance Guarantees.

In Australia, Kerry has acted for many construction industry participants at all levels including principals, contractors, subcontractors, engineers, architects and consultants.

Kerry has a proven track record in achieving positive outcomes for his clients in complex, often multi-jurisdictional matters and is admitted in New South Wales and in South Africa.

Who should attend?

Business or government executives who are required to prepare written reports or opinions

Topics Covered

  • Structuring techniques
  • Executive Summaries
  • Getting the tone right
  • Different types of writings
  • Review of appropriate limitations and caveats