Effective Office Management & Administrative Skills for EA/PA Masterclass

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3rd Apr 2019



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In order to remain competent in the workplace, EA/PAs, administrators, office managers and secretaries need to be equipped with the relevant knowledge and skills. This masterclass is designed to provide office administrators, supervisors of clerical and administrative staff, executive secretaries and personal assistants the opportunity to review and develop the interpersonal and professional skills they need to do their jobs effectively – thereby contributing to their own, their boss’ and their organisation’s success. The masterclass identifies and examines the key components of the role and within each element builds up a range of approaches and techniques for operating an efficient office or support team. These elements include interpersonal, communication, organizational and time management competencies. As can be seen from the agenda outline below, the event is broken by the topics to broadly reflect the key components of the role. However, as you will discover when you attend the event, such skills and techniques will be required in a blended and integrated way as you meet the challenges of your workplace. Throughout the event, you will practice communication, organizational and planning skills on an ongoing and linked basis as you would within your normal working environment.

Learning Objectives

  • Prioritise your daily responsibilities to achieve maximum output
  • Streamline your work practices and office environment
  • Organise and improve office systems
  • Communicate effectively and assertively at all levels
  • Understand yourself and others thereby improving interactions and relationships
  • Use techniques to help you think creatively, solve problems, plan, and make decisions
  • Extend their understanding of their roles and the key contribution they make to organisational success
  • Review and develop their personal organisation, communication and interpersonal skills
  • Develop an action plan to help themselves, their boss and other colleagues work in more effective and efficient ways

Who should attend?

  • EA/Pas
  • Office Managers
  • Secretaries
  • Administrators
  • Supervisors
  • Support Staff

Topics Covered

  • Setting, Meeting Objectives and Taking Control of Your Work
  • Strategies for Managing Workplace Culture Change
  • Self-Empowerment and Self-Management
  • Building Leadership into every aspect of your role