Essential Management Skills for Emerging Leaders in 8 Hours Masterclass

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20th Mar 2019



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As an emerging leader, learning how to survive well in management can be daunting. Your workloads will inevitably start to expand, expectations will change and you will find the management of people requires a whole range of business skills. It is not always easy, even for the most talented rising star. But as you take on more responsibility to meet your targets, achieving your objectives and becoming a manager that people respect can be quite a challenge! Whether you are new to the management role or looking at improving your existing management skills, Essential Management Skills for Emerging Leaders in 8 Hours Masterclass is the right course for you. Essential Management Skills for Emerging Leaders in 8 Hours Masterclass offers immediately applicable, practical training on the crucial areas of people, project and time management. It aims to give new and existing team leaders, supervisors and line managers the skills they need to develop and improve their management styles. The masterclass emphasizes on building high achieving teams, dealing with an increased workload and developing the assertiveness and confidence necessary to be a competent business manager. Through this masterclass, you will be able to prioritize activities that add the most value to your team that will help you control and complete non-routine tasks. This masterclass brings together some of the most successful leaders from across New Zealand to showcase their leadership journey and impart strategies for leadership success. Delegates will learn how to position themselves for career advancement and create a plan to achieve their ultimate career goals.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify and develop the core skills required to be an effective manager
  • Find out how to manage your given responsibilities while adding real value to your organization
  • Learn how to monitor, manage and coach employees to build a high performing team
  • Discover how to minimize interruptions and efficiently manage multiple priorities
  • Develop a people management style that works for you
  • Spot opportunities for continuous growth and development in your role
  • Share experiences with other managers and create contacts for the future
  • Learn how to Delegate Effectively

Who should attend?

  • New managers
  • Team leaders
  • Supervisors
  • Anyone with staff reporting to them
  • People managers in their role less than 5 years

Topics Covered

  • Becoming the Up-and-Coming Rising Star: Identifying the Critical Skills for Management
  • Managing People for Increased Performance
  • Effectively Managing Multiple Priorities
  • Contender or Pretender
  • Giving Feedback to Colleagues in Difficult Situations
  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ): Communicate, Connect, Collaborate
  • Leadership Style and Interpersonal Effectiveness
  • Spotting Opportunities for Growth in Your Role