Investigative Interviewing & Non-Confrontational Interrogation Techniques for Managers

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25th Feb 2021


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Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra  (GMT+11): 9am to 5pm

Adelaide (GMT+10:30): 8.30am to 4.30pm

Brisbane (GMT+10):8am to 4pm

Perth, Singapore, Malaysia (GMT+8): 6am to 2pm

New Zealand (GMT+13): 11am to 7pm



Senior Leaders are tasked with moving people from resistance to commitment every day. Success in their roles often means persuading board members, executives, employees, business partners and customers to commit to executing their visions for the organization. Members who simultaneously increase their abilities to observe for strategic intelligence, ask great questions and influence their counterparts’ decision-making processes will experience advantages during all of their business interactions. Michael Reddington, CFI created the Disciplined Listening Method to teach executives to use the truth to their advantage with the application of strategic, ethical observation and persuasion skills. The Disciplined Listening Method integrates current business communication research and best practices with the key components of four non-confrontational interview and interrogation techniques

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this session all attending leaders will possess new skills, perspectives and techniques including how to:

  • Answer two preparation questions to limit their biases and increase their ability to empathize with others
  • Develop unexpected strategic advantages by embracing their perceived weaknesses
  • Build trust and increase their credibility during stressful conversations
  • Increase their influence by applying the favored persuasion techniques of Certified Forensic Interviewers
  • Identify their counterparts’ true feelings and motivations by recognizing verbal and non-verbal indications of comfort and discomfort
  • Obtain more truthful information and make better decisions by enhancing their questioning techniques
  • Cultivate calm from conflict by applying the favored resistance reducing techniques of Certified Forensic Interviewers
  • Reduce missed opportunities and increase commitments to action with the Disciplined Listening Method

Featuring Our Speakers

Lead Trainer:

Michael Reddington

President / Certified Forensic Interviewer

InQuasive, Inc

Michael Reddington, CFI is an expert at moving people from resistance to commitment. As a Certified Forensic Interviewer, he achieved the highest professional designation available in the field of interview and interrogation and spent over a decade training investigators around the world on the successful application of non-confrontational interview and interrogation techniques. Michael arrived at two key realizations while expanding his observation and persuasive skill sets. First, the very best leaders and the very best interrogators capitalize on the same two core skills – vision and influence. Second, the cognitive processes that lead customers to commit to saying “I’ll buy it”, employees to commit to saying “I’ll do it” and suspects to commit to truthfully saying “I did it” are all nearly identical. These realizations caused Michael to recognize he could teach executives how to reduce missed opportunities and increase commitments to action. As a result, he developed the Disciplined Listening Method, transitioned to serving as an executive resource and founded InQuasive, Inc. Michael created the Disciplined Listening Method by integrating current business communication research and best practices with components of four non-confrontational interview and interrogation techniques. The resulting educational content represents a new and in-depth approach to applying strategic, ethical persuasion techniques across the spectrum of business conversations.

Michael has led over 1,000 programs and educated over 10,000 attendees from over 50 countries. He has been invited to facilitate his programs across the United States, Canada, The United Kingdom, Ireland, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. He teaches leaders, business development professionals and human resource professionals to activate the truth in the areas of leadership communication, sales, negotiation, conflict resolution, customer service, candidate interviews, family conversations and public speaking.

Michael goes well beyond facilitating and advising. He applies customized content specifically designed to meet the needs of each client with a humorous and intelligent delivery style. His diligent preparation, attention to each attendee’s concerns, and added context coalesce to drive home the learning objectives. With Michael it’s never a presentation, seminar or advisory session, it’s always an experience.


Who should attend?

CEOs, senior leaders, human resource managers, sales managers, and team leaders with all industries will learn skills they can immediately apply in all of their business, community and family conversations.

Topics Covered

  • Forge Strength from Weakness
  • Recognize Acceptance and Resistance
  • Increase Your Influence
  • Optimize Objections
  • Get What You Ask For