Leadership Effectiveness for Managers Masterclass

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23rd Jun 2020


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Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney AEST: 9am to 5pm

Adelaide (GMT+10:30): 8.30am to 4.30pm

Perth, Singapore, Malaysia (GMT+8): 7am to 3pm

New Zealand (GMT+12): 11am to 7pm


The Leadership Effectiveness Masterclass provides an opportunity to stop, reflect and learn new ways of leading effectively in today’s world of challenge and change. It creates a safe environment for managers to learn with and from others and to test ideas. It identifies and builds on a foundation of self-understanding, values, strengths and a powerful leadership legacy needed to become a more courageous and effective leader.

Through a series of interactive masterclass managers will work towards understanding and optimizing their strengths and thinking preferences to problem-solve and communicate more effectively, make better decisions and be more innovative.

They will discover new models to help them build trust, overcome challenges and create environments where people can be their best. They will also gain a deeper understanding of what’s in the way of them becoming a more effective leader and learn new ways of dealing more confidently with their greatest leadership challenges.

Using a 7 Step communication model managers will discover powerful, simple techniques to having the crucial, often avoided conversations needed to improve both personal and professional relationships.

At the end of the day they will come away with a Leadership Action Plan with clear goals and actions to help them become the leaders they want to be, living the life they want to lead.

Learning Objectives

Participants will walk away with:

  • Tips, tools and strategies to deal more effectively with the challenges facing leaders today
  • Knowledge about ways to improve decision-making, problem-solving, innovation and communication through better thinking
  • A simple model (A.C.T.) to develop ‘psychological flexibility’ and resilience
  • Practical knowledge on how to build on a foundation of values and strengths to achieve greater leadership impact
  • A practical 7 Steps Guide to having the critical and difficult conversations needed to be an authentic and effective leader
  • Strategies to build trust with staff, colleagues, managers and key stakeholders to increase speed-to-market and optimise results
  • Practical tools to understand and resolve workplace conflict, deal with disrespectful and inappropriate behaviour and give and receive constructive feedback
  • A clear personal Action Plan for leading effectively into the future.

Featuring Our Speakers

Sally Betts

Leadership Coach, Speaker & Facilitator

Sally Betts Consulting


With over 30 years’ experience across the public, private and tertiary sectors Sally brings a depth of understanding and commitment to her work with managers, business owners, leaders and their teams.

A HBDI certified practitioner, psychologist, leadership coach, speaker and facilitator, she is committed to influencing change at an individual, team and organisational level.

Sally has held a range of Senior Leadership roles, in which she has led significant change efforts involving managers.  She understands first-hand the challenges managers and leaders face today. She has worked closely with managers across areas including IT, Emergency Management, Housing, Finance, Health and Well-Being designing and delivering change programs and coaching for and with over 1000 leaders.

In working with others Sally strives always to act with integrity, make her intentions clear and comes from a place of ‘not knowing’ and seeking to understand.  She believes that meeting people where they are at with no judgement, creates the safety and trust needed for meaningful change.

Who should attend?

This masterclass is for anyone wanting to lead more confidently, competently and courageously through the challenges facing leaders today. For Managers, Business Leaders, HR and Well-Being Professionals across a broad range of sectors including IT, Housing, Sport, Finance, Health and Well-Being, Retail, Tertiary, Public Sector, HR, Aviation.

Topics Covered

  • Better Leadership Through Better Thinking
  • Mindfull or Mindful?
  • Crucial Leadership ConversationsBecoming a more courageous, respected and influential leader
  • Build TrustBecoming a more credible, competent, values-based, results-driven leader
  • Leadership Action PlanNext steps to becoming a more effective leader