Leadership Skills for Women in Management Masterclass

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26th Jun 2018



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Despite tremendous advances women professionals have experienced over the years, women still find themselves facing tough challenges. They tend to get mixed messages and mixed reactions as they take on leadership roles. And all too often, they get only mixed results when leading others.

That’s why we at Crown Leadership International Group are eager to share news of an incredible leadership training masterclass for women in management: Leadership Skills for Women in Management. This intensive one-day masterclass is designed to build on your inherent talents and strengths to help you become more effective, more confident and more successful.

That’s just the beginning! You’ll discover how to disagree firmly but tactfully without backing down. How to effectively delegate. How to turn around specific unwanted employee behaviors. How to keep your ideas from being drowned out by louder male voices in meetings.

What’s more, you’ll develop a Personal Action Plan — a road map to put you on the fast track to achieving your leadership goals.In a relaxed, stress-free environment, you’ll learn shoulder to shoulder with other professional women from your area, networking with leaders you’d never have had the chance to meet otherwise. You’ll leave motivated and energized, armed with must-have leadership tools guaranteed to make a dramatic, immediate impact on your results.

Don’t miss this chance to build your skills fast to become a highly effective, inspiring leader others are eager to follow!

Learning Objectives

  • Strategies for effective leadership at all levels — in every situation
  • Discipline and feedback skills for improving employee performance
  • Supervision techniques guaranteed to earn you cooperation and respect
  • Assertive communication techniques to ask for what you need directly and tactfully
  • How to sell your ideas in meetings and to the boss
  • Tools for handling confrontation and conflict with ease
  • Motivation strategies for bringing out the best in your employees
  • Lessons and insight from women in top leadership positions

Who should attend?

  • Board Director, CEO
  • Senior/Middle Managers
  • Directors, Executives and Managers across all industries
  • Human Resources and Workforce Planning
  • Diversity and Inclusion Managers
  • Women’s Leadership Program Managers
  • Established, emerging and aspiring women leaders
  • Male leaders looking to implement change on an organisation level
  • Entrepreneur
  • Young emerging leader

Topics Covered

  • Dynamics of a Diverse & Inclusive Workplace
  • Foundations of Inclusion
  • Attaining CEO Commitment and Leveraging Men as Diversity Partners
  • Reconciliation – the perspective from a small Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander organisation and The story of the birth of a small Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander organisation and its growth including the securing a significant Commonwealth Games contract in under two years.
  • How to build the values of embedding diversity and inclusion in organisational strategies
  • The Flexible Workplace Dream
  • Utilizing D&I Metrics to Gauge Accountability
  • Best Practices for Creating a Transgender-Inclusive Workplace
  • Acknowledging The Critical Role Of Leadership And Management Capability In Achieving An Age Inclusive Culture
  • Resourcing’s place in achieving a diverse workforce | let’s look at the resourcing lifecycle with an I&D lens
  • Building a Disability Inclusive and Confident Workplace
  • Employing for Diversity of Skills to Achieve Key Business Outcomes and Sustainability
  • Reshaping Diversity Strategy and the Workforce through Deeper Engagement with our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities
  • Having a Diverse Workforce just makes Good Business Sense
  • Authenticity at Work
  • Embracing diversity and inclusion at Feros Care