Leading a High Performance Team

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24th Oct 2019



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This masterclass on Leading a High Performance Team (in self and teams)teaches managers how to integrate a powerful combination of world leading research and practical approaches to enhance their own management style. It gives managers the confidence and capability to effectively lead in ways that create and sustain high performance for themselves, their greater team and their organisation. Leadership starts as an inside job. This training helps experienced leaders to strengthen their skills, capabilities and strengths to create an environment where they and their teams can thrive in an engaging culture of high performance. This transformations workshop is specifically crafted to ensure all participants walk away with a strong commitment to high performance and the tools to follow their plans through with confidence.

Learning Objectives

  • Gain actionable insights into your own strengths to help individualise your management approach.
  • Dig deep to access personal insights into your own talents to help you optimise your strengths as a Manager.
  • Use your talents to individualise your management approach and develop your employees’ talents to improve their productivity.
  • Practice proven techniques for engaging your employees, including leading effective ongoing conversations that enhance team performance.
  • Create management strategies that yield higher levels of performance from your employees and teams.
  • Create sustainable management strategies for teams to achieve high performance.
  • Practice proven techniques for engaging employees, including leading effective conversations to enhance performance.
  • Develop a personal and team blueprint to strengthen results in the short and long term.

Featuring Our Speakers

Jo Wise

Director and Founder

Jo Wise Leadership

Jo Wise is an inspirational and dynamic force in the business world, helping professionals crack the code to leadership and business success.

Jo is the person to turn to in driving business results through enhancing performance, communication, and the choice to thrive in uncertain times.

Through her coaching programs, workshops, behavioral profiling and consulting, Jo adds outstanding value to individuals and organisations by delivering powerful approaches to help professionals and leaders succeed. Jo enables individuals and teams to make a positive and significant impact through boosting engagement levels, driving performance and strengthening behaviour.

Jo has a special talent in ‘unlocking’ people’s key strengths to inspire, invigorate and grow individuals, teams and businesses and achieve increased performance and focused solutions.

As an engaging, passionate, inspirational and informative coach and mentor, Jo is committed to making a difference in the lives of those around her through developing knowledge, choice and skills.

Jo knows with the right tools, strategies and information, all professionals can harness their power and create greater impact and influence in their teams, departments and business right now.

Jo can show the way.


Who should attend?

This masterclass is designed for anyone who manages people and wants proven strategies, principles and activities for engaging every team member and enhancing the team’s overall performance.

Topics Covered

  • High Performing Leadership
  • Understanding the power of Human Needs Psychology
  • Leading High Performing Teams
  • Self-Fulfilment Through Growth