Limitless Leadership for Managers Masterclass

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25th Nov 2019



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This 1-day dynamic and interactive masterclass will assist you in shifting from the overwhelm of a management mindset to a clearer and focused leadership mindset. To go from a ‘manager’ mindset to a ‘leader’ mindset takes skill, will and energy and more than just drive and ambition. It all starts with self-leadership and making a choice to lead through true commitment, effective communication and deep connection. Key themes will include: leadership mindset, communication to cut through, delegation and feedback techniques, coaching and mentoring to empower and self management to manage time. The masterclass will provide a tools, insights and skills practice in real time to bring learnings to life. With over 60% of the masterclass based on skills practice and dynamic learning this day will be highly facilitated around the group’s objectives and level of leadership experience. You will walk away feeling energised and equipped for even more success with a plan of action.

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of the masterclass you will have a deeper awareness of:

  • Your position and journey as a leader
  • Adopting a Leadership mindset
  • How to identify when managing Vs. leading
  • How to implement balanced leadership in 3 key areas
  • Barriers to communication and how to overcome these
  • How to build rapport quickly and more easily
  • How to listen deeply to build better relationships and teams
  • Questioning skills to coach and empower others
  • How to delegate with a strategy and plan to do this
  • Techniques to minimise time eaters and self manage more effectively
  • Understanding of how to lead across the organisation
  • How to gauge commitment of the team using the commitment curve
  • Your leadership style and how to implement this
  • How to hold the challenging conversation
  • Providing feedback with a questioning model
  • Key differences of the 4 leadership postures and when to use these
  • Framework to coach and get buy in
  • Action plan to embed back on the job!

Featuring Our Speakers

Renee Giarrusso

Director-RG Dynamics Pty Ltd

Limitless leadership™

Speaker, Author, Trainer, Facilitator & Coach (PCC)

Renée is a communication, influencing and leadership expert and is obsessed with seeing people reach their full potential. She passionately works with leaders, teams and organisations to go to the next level by mastering cut-through communication, an accelerated mindset, motivation, leadership of self and others and the realisation of the limitless possibilty we all have to succeed.

Since 2006 she has successfully been maximising the potential of individuals and teams to excel in their performance. After over 15 years in senior leadership and sales roles, she left a global FMCG to pursue her dream of sharing her insights and solutions across a diverse array of industries and people. Whilst in the corporate world she won the National Make a Difference Award and National Sales Associate of the Year. She also set up and pioneered a profit-generating new business channel within the Impulse sector at MARS whilst leading a national team.

Her high level of experience in leading teams and pioneering new channels has taught her first hand what it takes to lead a high performing collaborative team and business to success and performance. With a passion for life and learning, Renée is continually enjoying the rewards of running a practice and contributing to the growth and potential of others.

Renée published her first book:

Limitless Leadership – A guide to leading from the inside out.

Limitless Leadership is based on the premise that leadership is forever evolving and co-creative with a focus on three-dimensional leadership: leading self before others and decisions. To survive in a such a fast-paced and challenging working enviroment, leaders need to leverage balance leadership and focus on commitment, communication and connection in order to set direction.

Renée has been an Accredited Associate Coach (ACC) since 2006 and is a professional trainer, facilitator and speaker, works with both individuals and teams to unlock inner potential to maximise and realise strengths and capability back on the job. She has designed and run over 3,000 workshop programs and has conducted close to 2,500 coaching sessions.

Clients walk away equipped with key enablers and tools to ensure success and feel even more confident, motivated and connected to their teams and their leadership brand.

Renée holds a qualification in Marketing & Business Management, is an NLP Practitioner, Associate Accredited Coach, Advanced iWAM Practitioner (MotIvational Intelligence) and is also a credentialed Strengthscope Practitioner. She holds a Diploma and Cert IV in Executive Coaching and a Cert IV in Training and Advanced Presentaion Skills. She is a member of the ICF (International Coaching Federation) PSA (Professional Speaker Australia) and Thought Leaders Global. Renée contributed to the anthology Leaders of Influence in 2018 and her 3rd book is currently underway.

Outside of work, Renée loves to cook, entertain, write, travel and do yoga.

Who should attend?

  • Current leaders who want to empower, motivate and foster commitment not compliance
  • Leaders and executives transitioning from management to leadership
  • Time poor, skill-stretched leaders who want to do more
  • Leaders of self and those that influence and lead decisions
  • Leaders that want to create future leaders
  • Business owners managing a team

Topics Covered

  • Limitless leadership & 3D leadership
  • Management Vs. leadership
  • Balanced leadership
  • Communication to cut through and empower
  • Dynamic delegation
  • Self Management to Manage time
  • Cross leadership
  • How to lead for commitment not compliance
  • Leadership style and adaptability
  • Holding the challenging conversation
  • Feedback to feed forward
  • Leadership positions