Managing Difficult Employee Behaviour Masterclass

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13th Mar 2019



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The reality is that every employer will at some stage encounter a difficult employee. However employers often do not realise this until it is too late.  Failing to manage difficult employees proactively and early in any process puts employers at risk of legal claims. Our Managing Difficult Employee Behaviour Masterclass covers such risks arising from unfair dismissal, adverse action, discrimination, harassment, bullying and grievances. We will also examine the role of social media. These can be difficult matters to deal with and there is generally only one chance to get them right, so it pays to be prepared. We will work through how to manage employees within this risk environment and will make extensive use of case studies and hypotheticals for participants to work on. This ensures the course is as interactive as possible. The Managing Difficult Employee Behaviour Masterclass will equip employers dealing with difficult employees with the tools required to avoid complex legal claims.

Learning Objectives

  • Defining employers’ key obligations in the context of managing difficult employee behaviour
  • Analyse the true impact of employers not meeting their obligations
  • Overview of discrimination, unlawful harassment, sexual harassment and workplace bullying
  • Understand the issues involved with the use of social media
  • Expert advice on how new cases clarify various legal requirements
  • Tips on avoiding legal pitfalls e.g. discrimination, adverse action, unfair dismissal
  • Understanding the relevant legal frameworks
  • Best practice approaches and mediation techniques to handle grievances

Featuring Our Speakers

Deanna McMaster



Deanna is a Partner in the Human Resources and Industrial Relations team at MinterEllison in Brisbane. Deanna has a broad range of experience with a focus on industrial strategy, enterprise bargaining, work health and safety, discrimination and general litigation.She has a particular expertise in health and safety and advises clients across various sectors including transport, oil & gas, mining, electricity, manufacturing and agribusiness. Deanna also works with clients to manage employee relations matters on a day to day basis, develop industrial strategies, manage industrial activity and the establishment and renegotiation of enterprise bargaining agreements.

Rhian O’Sullivan

Senior Associate


Rhian is a Senior Associate in the Human Resources and Industrial Relations team at MinterEllison in Brisbane. Rhian has a range of experience in employment law including work health and safety, general protections claims, unfair dismissals, sexual harassment and discrimination claims and general litigation. She has advised private and public sector clients in industries including mining, energy, construction, education, health and insurance and has assisted in the conduct of litigation in courts and tribunals in State and Federal jurisdictions. Her clients have included government departments, public and private corporations and non-profit organisations.


Who should attend?

  • HR practitioners
  • Employment law advisors
  • In-House lawyers and solicitors
  • Employee relations professionals
  • CEO/MD/President/Directors/Line Managers
  • Business Owners

Topics Covered

  • Employers’ key obligations
  • Risks of not complying with obligations
  • Overview of discrimination, unlawful harassment, sexual harassment and workplace bullying
  • Social media beware
  • Managing grievances