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11th Jun 2019



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Budgets, strategic proposals, sales reviews are just a few of the many reasons and situations that lead to you presenting to the board. Presenting to the board is not as complex or scary as you might think. With the right preparation and structure you can ensure you are presenting the right information in the right way for the right outcome. Boards need to consider protocols, liabilities and responsibilities in all their deliberations. A board has a unique interpersonal dynamic and your presentations need to take all of this into account as you prepare and present. In this masterclass you will give you essential insights into the operations of a board and the best way to plan, structure and deliver your presentation for the best outcome. You will take away tips and strategies to help you be and sound confident presenting. You will be provided valuable ideas to enhance your presentations. This will be a practical and enlightening masterclass with group discussions, case studies and feedback throughout.


Learning Objectives

  • Understand board structure and interpersonal dynamics
  • Understand what a board needs and their critical concerns
  • Identify and develop strategies to objections
  • Understand champions and Chairman’s
  • Write effective presentations
  • Influencing and selling your ideas to the board
  • Where you fit in the agenda
  • Your presentation preparation

Featuring Our Speakers

Sally Foley-Lewis

Productivity & Self Leadership and Middle Management Expert

Sally Foley-Lewis

Sally boosts productivity by helping dedicated professionals to achieve their goals and master their leadership skills. Obsessed with productive leadership, Sally positively impacts your results, confidence, effectiveness and the team’s performance.

It’s all about managing yourself and confidently leading your team to achieve more than you dared possible.

Sally was named as one of the 25 LinkedIn Top Voices for Australia for 2018 for her thought leadership. She is also a finalist for the 2019 Australian Small Business Champion Awards.

She blends 20+ years of working with a diverse range of people and industries, in Germany, the UAE, Asia, and even outback Australia, with exceptional qualifications; a wicked sense of humour and an ability to make people feel at ease, she’s your first choice for mastering skills and achieving results.

The Productive Leader, Sally’s second book, has been endorsed by the personal development guru Brian Tracy. So you know it’s worth reading!

Sally is a dynamic and interactive presenter, MC, and much sought after facilitator and executive coach. Sally’s clients rave about her. She leaves the audience ready to take action.



Who should attend?

  • Board members, especially those new to working on boards
  • Senior executives
  • Businesses who advise or sell to companies through a board
  • Professionals who see board membership as part of their future

Topics Covered

  • Understanding the Board
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Types of Boardroom presentations
  • Your Presentation